armored dragon deck(i think)

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armored dragon deck(i think) Empty armored dragon deck(i think)

Post  tyby on Thu Jul 31, 2008 11:01 pm

2x bolmeteus,steel dragon
2x bolshack dragon
4x cocco lupia
2x ultimate dragon
4x pippie kuppie
4x totta pipichi
4x bliss totem,avatar of luck
3x bronze-arm tribe
3x dimension gate
3x elf-x
4x rollicking totem
2x pala olesis
2x ferrosaturn,spectral knight
2x la ura giga
2x senatine,jade tree
2x sarius,vizier of suppression
1x super dragon abzo dolba
1x super dragon bailas gale
3x terradragon regarion
1x uberdragon bajula
1x uberdragon jabaha
1x velyrika dragon

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