Ares Varmingam, Ultra Heavenly Body (20/06/2008)

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Ares Varmingam, Ultra Heavenly Body (20/06/2008)

Post  nickngyuheng on Fri Jun 20, 2008 1:17 pm

Name: Ares Varmingam, Ultra Heavenly Body
Set & Rarity : DM-28 Battle Galaxy Super Rare
Collector Number : S7
Civilization : Fire
Cost : 7
Card Type : Evolution Creature
Race : Phoenix
Power : 11000
Card Text : Mana Vortex: Choose 2 fire creatures in your mana zone and put this creature into the battle zone on top of those creatures.
Meteor Burn: When this creature attacks, you may put 1 card under this creature into the graveyard. If you do, destroy all of your opponent's creatures with "Blocker" that have a cost of 3 or less.
Double Breaker
Flavor Text : ?
Illustrator : Mar

Ok, here is my first time writing a COTW. I shall try my very best to do it well.
Here goes...

First, lets look at the artwork. Hmmm... pretty cool picture, it even looks like Phoenix's signature on Duelzone! Ares Varmingam is flying in the sky; it has a small head, two broad wings and a big long sharp thing sticking from its belly (correct me if I am wrong). It looks as if it is blazing.
Artwork: 8/10 Weird sharp thing on its belly

Next, I will talk about its name. Hmmm... Ares Varmingam, Ultra Heavenly Body? The front name, Ares Varmingam, is weird and hard to pronounce. The back part, Ultra Heavenly Body is a bit cliched. Ultracide; Ultra Mantis, Scourge of Fate; Valkrowzer, Ultra Rock Beast; Heaven's Gate; Bolpheus Heaven, Holy Super Dragon; Shine Valkyrie, Heavenly God, etc. That's why it's cliched. The name is too "common" and I don't find it unique.
Name: 6.5/10 Not unique, with the exception of its weird front name.

Now, I will talk about its effects. Hmmm... 7 mana, 11k? Jabaha? Dawn Giant? lawl. At first glance, you might think that Ares Varmingam's effect is as lousy as Jabaha's or Dawn Giant's effect (no offense to them). However, at closer inspection, you notice that it HAS a much better effect. It has Mana Vortex, which has only appeared in DM-28. Put on two of your fire creatures. This is good for combo-ing with aggro decks and mana accerleration decks. Once you have a freakishly high amount of mana, then you can start summoning this creature. Although you get two less mana, you don't get any less creatures in the battle zone, unlike other normal GV evolutions and/or Vortex evolutions. cyclops

It is a Double Breaker, which makes it pretty much an average creature. However, this is ARMAGEDDON for a normal Hard Silence deck. Since this guy can thrash blockers with 3 mana or less, it essentially can thrash a Hard Silence deck. Furthermore, it has a higher power than Tajimal, even though it is a fire creature.

Ares Varmingam being a fire creature is good. Since it is a fire creature, it will do well in rush and aggro decks, especially with fire and nature. This is good for destruction. Normally, since this creature is used for mass desruction, you would naturally combo it with mana acceleration. The deck doesn't necessarily need destruction, but definitely needs support for Ares Varmingam. Try comboing it with Mars Disaster. Mars Disaster will get rid of the higher powered stuff, while Ares Varmingam can get rid of the irritating blockers like Kelp Candle and Tajimal. Then you can rush like hell and kill your opponent.

Effect: 8.5/10 Good blocker removal and Hard Silence counter. Suspect

Example deck: (Fire Nature Aggro)
Fire stuff:
2x Ares Varmingam
2x Super Divine Star Mars Disaster
4x Brawler Zyler
4x Exploding Dude Joe
3x Comet Missile
3x Colossus Boost
2x Crimson Hammer
2x Spastic Missile
3x Jiruba, Precision Shooter

Nature Stuff:
3x Bronze arm tribe
2x Essence Elf
2x Natural Snare
4x Faerie Life
3x Dimension Gate
4x Quixotic Hero Swine Snout
2x Fighter Dual Fang
3x Barkwhip, the Smasher
2x Storm Wrangler, the Furious

Multicoloured Stuff:
4x Wind Axe, the Warrior Savage
2x Miraculous Rebirth
4x Gonta, the Warrior Savage

This deck mainly focuses on Blocker removal, aggro, mass destruction and mana acceleration.

Hope you'll like my first COTW. Thanks for reading. Very Happy

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