Deck Posting Syntax

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Deck Posting Syntax

Post  AlphadiosThe2nd on Sun Jun 15, 2008 1:51 am

Whenever you post a deck here, you obviously want someone to comment and review on it, right (if not, you have either come to the wrong place or simply want to show off) ?
If that is so, then you ought to follow a series of syntax in deck-posting.

Here are "the Seven Commandments of Deck Posting" for you to take away:
1. Whatever civilization that contains one card only, is useless.
2. Whatever civilization that is focussed on or supported, is useful.
3. No duelist shall post his deck unsorted.
4. No duelist shall post his deck with mentioning how many copies.
5. No duelist shall post his deck without a name or type.
6. No duelist shall comment on another deck in a way undesirable to be commented back on him.
7. All decks are not to be deleted.


Citations: The format of the Commandments and their name is adapted from Animal Farm, courtesy of George Orwell Shocked .

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